No. 119: Hail to the Tri-Fives!

It was running when I parked it, No. 118: Hail to the Tri-Fives! In a previous post I mentioned the debut of a line of Chevys known as the Tri-Fives. You are looking at the middle child of that remarkable trio, which said hello to an excited public in 1955 and lasted through 1957. SixContinue reading “No. 119: Hail to the Tri-Fives!”

No. 113: Abandoned in Apalachicola

Who bought this one-ton hauler from the Chevy dealer 65 years ago? When did its stake bed vanish? What sort of work did it do? Did it travel the slight rolls of north Florida from field to dock? Surely, somewhere along the line, this ’52 Chevrolet 3600 trucked oysters. Apalachicola, Fla., 345 miles south ofContinue reading “No. 113: Abandoned in Apalachicola”