No. 119: Hail to the Tri-Fives!

It was running when I parked it, No. 118: Hail to the Tri-Fives!

In a previous post I mentioned the debut of a line of Chevys known as the Tri-Fives. You are looking at the middle child of that remarkable trio, which said hello to an excited public in 1955 and lasted through 1957. Six decades have passed since then, but no matter: The Tri-Fives are as cool now (and a hell of a lot more expensive) as they were then.

This is a 210, four-door hardtop. It came with a 265 V8 and plenty of torque. Imagine a family of four heading toward Panama City Beach, windows down. ‘How much longer, daddy?”

Headland, Ala., 130 miles southwest of Atlanta.

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