No. 128: No Power, No Worries!

The Rover. Most people see that name and think of the nearly indestructible 4-wheel drive vehicles that have bounced over every continent on earth. But the badge also came attached to other vehicles.

This is a Rover P5, most likely a ’68. The first appeared in 1958; the last, in 1973. It was a bulbous thing, powered by a little 6-cylinder engine that banged out 115 hp.

Rover increased the horsepower, and slightly altered the design. But there is no denying (as the photographer noted) that the P5 bore an uncanny resemblance to the Volvo 122-S.

This Rover ain’t roving no more. It’s taking up space behind a garage.

Arrow Town, New Zealand, 13,050 miles southwest of Atlanta.

(Photos by Foreign Junkyard Correspondent Marva Brackett Godin.)

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