Agrarian Edition No. 10: Power No More

If you didn’t recognize the beat of its four-cylinder heart, didn’t know the bellow from its steel throat, surely you knew its badge: art, meeting agriculture. It was a Fordson.

The name came from Henry Ford and Son, shortened to Fordson. The tractors prowled the planet — plowed it, too. From African plains to Alabama plots, the Fordson worked the land.

The line debuted in 1917. Ford produced the tractor under a variety of different manufacturers (Henry Ford & Son, Ford Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co. Ltd.) through 1964.

Over the decades, the tractor did it all — cut the soil, harvested its bounty, reshaped the land. Now, this early 1960s Fordson Power Major gathers nothing more than rust.

Taupiri, New Zealand, 13,030 miles southwest of Atlanta.

(Photos by Foreign Junkyard Correspondent Marva Brackett Godin)

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