No. 129: Angling for a New Life

The Model T was a hit in Great Britain. The public snatched up the cars just as avidly as their cousins across the pond. But when the Model A debuted, in 1928, Brits didn’t get as excited. That led, ultimately, to Ford Motor Company’s decision to create a new line of cars for the British public. In 1949, the Anglia said hello.

It was a distinctive little thing, bug-eyed and big fendered — affordable, too. The Anglia was a smaller vehicle than the increasingly larger models produced in the States. It .came in a variety of styles: coupe, sedan, delivery and pickup. Look at any black-and-white Britiish film from the late 1940s onward and you’re bound to see one of these models parked on a street.

The line ended in 1967, but not its allure. As any hotrodder or drag enthusiast knows, the Anglia was popular with the race-car set. Thousands of Anglias underwent torch and wrench to become tire-burning little beasts. But not all. This truck, dating to the mid-1950s, retains the traits that made the Anglia a hit then — and now.

Arrow Town, New Zealand, 13,050 miles southwest of Atlanta.

(Photos by Foreign Junkyard Correspondent Marva Brackett Godin)

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