No. 141: Not Seeing the USA

Chevrolet turned its back on the tri-fives of the mid-‘50s and concentrated on a new machine – the Impala, a car as massive as its namesake was sleek. After one year, Chevy changed the design and produced a longer, lower car. Its trademark feature: twin rear fins that arched like angry eyebrows. The model had its fans – detractors, too

This ’60 Impala, outfitted with rusty Cragars, ain’t seeing no more USA – nor, apparently, is its younger sibling, an ’87 Monte Carlo.

Macon, 65 miles south of Atlanta.

(Photos by Junkyard Correspondent and Seasoned Journalist Steve Visser)

Got three minutes? Dinah Shore plans to see the USA in her Chevrolet in this ’60 commercial.

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