No. 136: Something New!

It was time. As the end of the decade neared, Chevrolet’s tough-ass line of pickups, the 3100, had grown old. In 1959, Chevy introduced the C and K series of trucks. Owners reported it rode as much like a car as a truck.

“C” meant light-duty, rear-wheel drive. The “K” designation meant four-wheel drive. If you bought a base-model C10, you got a machine with a six-cylinder engine not a whole lot different than those that had powered its predecessor. An upgrade got you a small-block V8 – the 283, a power plant so ubiquitous that it didn’t need introduction nor explanation.

The C line would go on until 2000, when an even roomier, smoother-riding machine rolled it aside. As another new decade (and century) bowed, the C left the stage – taking with it some of the no-nonsense details that defined mid-century trucking.

And yet those old haulers remain. This long-bed, built in 1963, was last registered in 1987. It hides behind DT Speed Lube in Middelbury, Vt., 1,120 miles northeast of Atlanta.

(Photos by Junkyard Correspondent Marva Brackett Godin)

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