No. 133: “Sven, I Think We’ve Come to a Stop.”

“Sven,” of course, is a Swedish name – appropriate for this sad wreck.

In 1974, Volvo turned from its 140 series of cars to the 240 series. From a distance, they looked virtually the same – the same straight lines, the same boxy rider compartment. The front and rear ends were slightly different. You had to look under the hood to appreciate the change, where Volvo ditched its standard four-cylinder engine for an overhead cam design. The 240 cars also were available in a six-cylinder.

The station wagon became the symbol of the upwardly mobile set — young parents, squiring their babies around in the safest car on the road. Who hasn’t seen a Volvo wagon at a Saturday morning soccer game?

(A great American, Ted Davis, drove a 244 Volvo.)

This is a Volvo 242, come to rest on a dairy/compost mulch farm. It appears to be an early 1980s model. Maybe Sven can tell us.

Landisville, Pa., 745 miles northeast of Atlanta.

(Photos by erstwhile Foreign Junkyard Correspondent Marva Brackett Godin)

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