No. 121: One More Model Before War

The new Ford was different than its predecessors. It had three-piece fenders — it would be easier, engineers figured, to replace a small part than an entire fender in the event of an accident — and came in three models: Standard, Deluxe and (new that year) Super Deluxe. Also debuting that year: two heaters!

As with other models, the car came in a choice of two flatheads — the six (just enough to push the massive machine) and the V-8. It was as road-ready as anything rolling out of Dearborn.

But the car did not have some signature touches from the one
that preceded it. The machine lacked the teardrop-style headlights. Its grill wasn’t as long, nor as flowing. It was a fine car, yes, but…

…but it was sufficient. In 1941, American auto makers were already beginning to think about what they would build the next year. The inventory would include tanks, jeeps, airplanes.

This ’41 Ford sedan is resting by the roadside in Goodland, Mich., 800 miles north of Atlanta.

(Photos by Senior Junkyard Correspondent Harold “Tex” Colson)

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